Single Property Websites: Anything and Everything About It?

Let us start first with what single property website is all about. As the term implies a single property website is one property site which dedicate its content specifically on one property. What describes this site is its unique URL that is also the property address.

What is the purpose of having this and how is this website created?

For single property websites, this aims to get a single property its own space in the internet thereby boosting visitors into reaching out to the agent through the contact form that is provided with details. In order to create one an agent will need a special site-builder. However the common concern is how to identify which site-builder is best for you. More information about single property websites on

What is the common basis in choosing a site-builder?

Price- there are three types of pricing plans being offered such as:

  • Volume pricing – like 10 active listing will cost at $49
  • For single listing – normally this cost around $12
  • Monthly bulk pricing – $97 for 100 listings per month

Offered with 14-day free trial to learn about features and examine the provisions for marketing tools.

Templates and editors – attractive template and built-in editing feature are basis for site-builder choices. Often this is a key criterion. Video and photo integrations like high-resolution photography. Likewise as video walk-through is another feature that is a freeway for agents to bring listing quickly and easy into life. This will give buyers a new way of envisioning themselves in the home.

Usability – there are many aspects that falls in this criteria and these are:

  • Availability and accessibility – if this cannot be effective and people cannot access this then it worthless.
  • Clarity- use friendly with no distractions and confusions
  • Learnability – using what people know while creating something new which can help ease learning
  • Credibility –  viewers can trust the content
  • Relevancy – are your content relevant to why the user visited your site?

Final Take

These are the most basic about single property website that can help agents understand bringing them into the loop of this method to enhance their presence in the World Wide Web.