Our Major Areas of Focus

Our major areas of focus are:
Engineering – Management and staff level positions in Manufacturing, Process, Project, Design, Quality Control, Product, Electrical and Controls, and Mechanical.

Production/Manufacturing – General and Plant Management, Operations and Production Management, Supervisory and Lead position

Healthcare – Administrative Management up to Director and Executive levels

Sales – Account Representative and Management levels in numerous industries

Accounting/Finance – Director, management and staff level within all industries, both public and private

Human Resources – National positions for Management and staff personnel in H.R. Personnel, Labor Relations, Employment and Recruiting, Employee Benefits, Compensation

Administrative – Office Support and administrative positions for office managers, secretaries, administrative assistants, bookkeepers, accounting clerks, employee benefits, administrators, insurance billing and coding, Regional positions

Logistics – National positions in Transportation and Distribution, Warehousing Shipping and Receiving, Inventory Control, Scheduling, and expediting

Computer/Information Technology – Computer Information Systems (CIS), Management Information Systems (MIS), Office Information Systems (OIS), Technology Managers, Application/Systems Engineers, Computer Operators, Computer Programmers, Support Specialists, Systems Analysts, and Database/Network Administrator positions

Hospitality, Restaurant, and Food Service – Local, regional and national positions for General Managers, Assistant Managers, District Managers, Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Corporate Officers, Training Directors, Regional Managers, HR Managers